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That's it, you may be thinking that this chapter has not been illustraive enough, but you
need to reread the website again and again, since someimes the most obvious is forgoten.
If you follow these steps, your game will be talking about you and your game. Therefore, it is
important to comment as many imes as you have played your game.
In this chapter, we've already given enough clues. We covered how to create the content
about your game through different ways of hanging it on the network, and other users to
test and talk about it. As you will see, this is not the end of a topic or your game. Just now,
at this point, when your project is ready, is when it really starts to grow. Every acion you
take, has an impact in changing what you have, and this will be your rouine unil you decide
yourself what to do with it.
I hope your project lasts long enough to feed you, and make you grow as you've built your
own game. Do you remember your whole project before you started with this topic? Well,
now that change is not comparable with what lies ahead, the expectaions are higher. You
will have more difficult challenges in the project, much bigger than you could imagine.
So, happy blending!
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