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Have a go hero - creating a new level 2
If you are really close to the first level, then without blowouts you can try a second level.
The difficulty of the first level that you served is to minimize the work of the second. Many
character's acions will not need to return to build it, and pracically will no longer touch the
interface of the game that cost you so much to organize. Just do the map and go to work.
A new level awaits you!
Pop quiz - creating something more
1. If you want to promote your game, what you will do?
a. Show the game only to friends
b. Try to sell the game
c. Show the game on the website
2. Which kind of videos you need to make public?
a. A game teaser
b. A make of the game
c. A teaser and its making
3. Which type of acions need to do something more about you game?
a. Making a second level
b. Staring with another irst level game
c. Improvement of the first level with sequels
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