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Creating something more
There will always be the first version and the subsequent effort, if you really put it. Therefore,
it is very important not to discard the games if you have one and only one version. To modify
it, fix it, or simply tweak any of the choices to represent an improvement for the game. The
version number of the game must be increased. Who wants to stay with Version 1 if you can
get Version 3 or Version 4?
Only by insising on changing the version will the product or game become new, perhaps a
game that wants be something serious and insistent, that is there, constantly being updated
to provide a beter and improved product. This says a lot about yourself and your own game.
Time for action - updating your game
A simple list of acions can make you see how updaing the game enables you to inish it,
and how close you are to making it.
1. Make some more menus as preferences or credits. See examples of the RAID Game
shown before in the YouTube channel, and how get more informaion in their
website, .
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