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Making some trailers
Any game has a demo, but long before that, there is a preview of what this game is really
like. The trailer is what sells and what atracts. If you make a good teaser to try your game,
you will be successful. Let's see a brief trailer.
Time for action - recording it
CamStudio is a uility for Windows that allows you to record everything that happens
on your desktop, recording both the full screen, such as windows, and user defined areas.
If you need to know more about this free progr am, please visit h ttp:// www.camstu dio.
org or visit /Using_CamStudio .
The following steps will enable us to record using CamStudio:
1. Record three minutes of your game when you're playing it. Edit the three-minute
video game and convert it into a one-minute exciing trailer.
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