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Time for action - using the Burster plug-in
The Burster plug-in is especially dedicated to Blender users. All that you need to start with
Burster is a web page. New users will be prompted by the web browser to download the
Burster plug-in. To do that, let's embed the Burster player on the website. You need to
insert the <embed> and <object> tags with a specified source file, width, and height
of the player area. That's all. More informaion on using this browser's plug-in can be
found on their website.
Upload the .blend file onto your web server and add the following code into your
HTML file:
<OBJECT classid="CLSID:8318DE8B-B213-426b-B1B6-0A2589859898"
<PARAM name="type" value="application/x-burster"/>
<PARAM name="src" value="yourfile.blend" />
<embed type="application/x-burster"
src = "yourfile.blend"
width = "800"
height = "600">
2. Upload your HTML file and make sure your .blend file has the file name you want
to display at the page. A load bar shows you the progress of the .blend file upload
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