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Publishing Your Game
Now that you have the irst version of your game made in Blender, it's ime to
bring it out and see what answers your creaions have. It is very important to
capture all of the posiive and negaive feedback without greatly afecing your
way to make games. You will lose something when you start to change your
idea of the game, if you take the comments of the people seriously. Sharpen
your common sense to make your own contribuions to create interesing
and good things for your own game, and stop to remember those who do not
provide good upgrades or are simply destrucive. Do not get distracted in trying
to jusify any comments you have received. If you want to reach the public, the
public also has the right to come to you.
In this chapter, we will prepare the devices you have at hand, and exploit your iniial project
with simple challenges through the following topics:
Uploading your game on the Web
Making some trailers
Creaing something more
So let's get started.
Playing your game on the Web
In the previous chapter, we learned to create a bootable game, but we may not have followers
if the users are wary of simply clicking on an .exe file. The best way to combat this, and to
avoid this risk, is to play the game directly on the Web, thanks to plug-in Burster. The Burster is
an open source plug-in, which is free, and its source code is covered by the GPL license. If you
need to learn about this plug-in, please http:// vi sit www.geta3d .com .
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