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Pop quiz - making an external executable game
1. If you want to create a itle, which opion needs to be clicked in the 3D view?
a. Main Scene
b. New Scene
c. New Layer
2. What kind of object needs to have a good start up fun if you have a background?
a. Image
b. Texture
c. Sound
3. Which type of Actuator is needed in the logic brick to restart the player?
a. Restart Game
b. Restart Scene
c. Pressing the Esc Key
Well, this was a very important part of any game. There are people who specialize only
in creaing the covers of video games. We call them interface designers.
Good presentaion with an understandable game menu is quite reasonable, right? There
sill are people who are not serious about the screens of game menus. If the irst thing that
you see when you play a game is not nice, will it not be disappoining? Bad impressions are
diicult to overcome. Do not let go, but devote the necessary ime to create the menus.
If you know that the front covers and back covers are as important as the game, then do
not miss the last chapter of this topic on how to promote your game. This is where you
will expose your work and become famous.
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