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What just happened?
We decided to place a moving object in the Main menu to have it set in the specific
frame locaion that we have. By performing this simple acion, we have entered enough
informaion in the logic bricks to connect the up arrow or down arrow key with the posiion
in the imeline of frame 1 or 2, whatever we decide.
Have a go hero - creating transparent buttons
Can you create 50 percent transparent butons? You can have this incorporated depending
on where you are in the Menu opions. Selecing the text should make the Menu opion look
lighter in shade. Or, if you dare, you can place the opions that are not in use in Italics.
You can choose between these menu selecion opions to begin with.
Making an externally executable game
Blender has the ability to generate an executable to install the game. But, by default, it is not
acivated. Let's see how we can awaken the beast.
Time for action - exporting your game
It's ime to export our game.
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