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Have a go hero - game over
We have made the text of the introducion of the game. Why not try to make the inal, which
would be the end screen of the game. There is an actuator called Game that lets you exit the
game, or also restart the game. Decide the best opion you want for your irst demo.
Creating simple buttons
You can also make a dynamic home screen buton and create a selecion, that is, to choose
the opion you want, as you need to proceed further.
Time for action - using the up or down options
If you only want to play with the up and down opions to beter visualize your choice, you
can resort to the creaion of a single buton that complies with this speciicaion. The most
logical opion is to create a buton that has the capacity to move. Let's see it.
1. Use the text that we created in the previous example and add one more line of text,
write the leter Q and the text Quit too:
A plane has a short distance from all of the text.
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