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9. Delete the image of the plane for a beter comprehension, select the second text,
go to Logic Editor , and create Keyboard as the Sensor . Add And as the value for
Controller, and choose Scene as the value for Actuator . Connect them as shown in
the next image after pressing the S key in the box of the Keyboard sensor, and set
Scene as level1 in the Actuator brick opions.
Remember, you must first create a new scene called level1 .
What just happened?
Really easy, right? We wanted to make our first splash screen and we have succeeded in
doing so with just a few steps. We now have an impressive itle and an opion to choose
from, which is to start playing. We have inserted the text, and using the logic bricks, we have
connected the opion (pressing the S key), to start playing the game to the scene of level 1.
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