Game Development Reference
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Game Menu Screens
In this brief chapter, we will cover the beginning of a game, how to create
menus to start playing, and how to create the executable to start the game.
Each game has a splash screen for the player to wait and decide whether to
start, see diferent game parameters, and/or change the game seings by
pressing the relevant butons. You can do all this and much more. The changes
are easy, and you just need to think about what you have not done before.
Need a guide? You will surely have one as we cover the following topics:
Making itles
Creaing simple butons
Making an external executable game
So let's go reading.
Making titles
You must present the itle of the game with something spectacular, or rather with something
that catches your eye. Oten, this itle serves as the same itle for the cover of many things,
and is the emblem that accompanies the game during its shelf life. As ime goes on, you may
not remember the itle, but you will never forget a cool cover, right?
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