Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
We could say that in this chapter, the key concept is how to liven up the game environment.
Let's go step by step and remember the key ips:
Creaing muliple-character animaions allow us to interact more eiciently with the
keyboard and its funcions, making the game more atracive. Taking various poses,
we make the player much more versaile with its surroundings.
The same thing happens to everything that we hear in our scene. It is greatly
enriched if we support it with audio for good measure. Many effects and sounds
are not suitable, so look for a middle and an end to strengthen it with music.
If we were able to create certain poses for your character, we can do the same for
our enemies by creaing animaions that interact in a diferent way if we are close.
This will give the game a rhythm and will increase the tension in the gameplay.
If we move, and if they move, and the life above our environment do too, we only
need to destroy it. Maybe a shooter is the closest thing to sum up the essence of
chaos. Delete it all, there will be nothing after you.
Oops! Sorry, we lack one important thing, the credits. Let's examine them in the
next chapter.
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