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Have a go hero - destroying things
Do not stop during this amazing exercise, coninue to apply certain changes to the new
objects you include in the scene. For example, it is necessary that the bullets collide with the
objects. Why not try to collide these bullets with the objects in the scene? Remember, the
objects may be rigid bodies, but your bullet must have dynamics for the collision to have its
desired effect.
Be amazed when objects are moved by the bullet. You've built your first shooter!
Pop quiz - make your own game
It's ime for a short quesionnaire:
1. If you want to change the poses of your character, which actuator do you need?
a. Moion
b. Acion
c. Edit object
2. Which Play mode is needed to control sound?
a. Play End
b. Play Stop
c. Loop Bidirecional
3. Remember that you can change the character, skin, or add weapon to the player.
Which is the actuator that you need to use to do this?
a. Edit Object
b. Acion
c. Property
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