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What just happened?
We needed to create an interacion of the enemy with the character. So we had created a
constant acion, which makes the boat do a patrol. Once we created the loop of the acion,
we had to force a proximity detector sensor with Near .
In this case, the sensor forced us to create two new actuators. First, the Edit Object of the
ship with the funcion Track to to coninue to follow the whale. Second, a small acceleraion
using Moion, so that it looks like the pursuit is taking speed.
Have a go hero - kill them all
The whale cannot shoot, but it can escape under water. We cannot try to eliminate the
pursuit unless the whale is further away from the boat.
You'll need to create some major collisions, which is why we have placed two icebergs on the
scene. You will need to decide whether the whale, like the boat, should have consequences if
they collide. Do you dare to change the status of each of them? The enemy boat, for example,
could sink. Umm... I've already created an animaion that you should register as an acion for
the boat. It never ends, right?
Make your own game
Well, we now have the great opportunity to create our own game, but how do we do it if
we have not learned to shoot. True, the whales do not shoot, so if you allow me, we make
a parenthesis to explain how easy it is to add a gun to our player, our enemy, or whomever.
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