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Have a go hero - sounds like music
Perhaps the main character is relevant in almost all of the chapters, but it is true that the
sound was almost let aside. It is obvious that you should dedicate some ime to think about
what kind of sounds flow around the character, not the other way around (which would
make the character sound like God, or that he was a one-man orchestra). Let the character
be quiet, with a few sounds that will fill the auditory environment and almost seem like
a soundtrack.
Remember that music ills the empty spaces and increases emoion in their sore spots.
Create your own sound list and use it in the game without disturbing the gameplay. Each
Sound actuator has its own audio volume level. Take advantage of opions ofered by the
Sound actuator so that each ile has its well-deined properies.
Animate your enemies
There comes a ime when the character needs to interact with the enemy, and as our whale
cannot shoot bullets, we can make our enemy interact with our character. If the whale is
near, we can get a whale ship to go huning.
Time for action - animating the hunter
We have learned to animate our character, so we are able to encourage our enemy by
creaing a simple route to the let and right, like a seninel on the lookout. If the whale
is too close to be seen, we can create a random pursuit unil the whale submerges.
1. Create a scene similar to the one shown in the following screenshot, with a whale,
a ship, and two icebergs. Select the ship and set an acion moving the ship in the x
axis to different values. Insert a keyframe on frame 0, and insert another keyframe
on frame 100 with another posiion.
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