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Each rotaion of the bone can be engraved with a keyframe, creaing poses at the beginning
and at the end of each acion. NLA is responsible for creaing the intermediate animaion
keyframes. You don't need to create the enire movement.
Once we have determined the triggers that are useful to move the character, we have Logic
Editor to create the connecions between the key on the keyboard and the character's
movement, thereby performing the animaion.
Have a go hero - making poses
It is logical to tell you that you need to create many acions. No mater how small the gesture
is, they make the game much more atracive. For example, opening a door, siing, waiing
with the character's head down, siing back, and so on.
You may not need to move a character, only a certain part that greatly facilitates the work.
To be fair and consistent with the beginning of this chapter, do not be distracted with
trivialiies, the basic opions must exist. Walking, running, jumping, falling, or dying is much
more necessary than the others. If they are reined, create other acions. However, do not
start with the details if you do not have good main basic acions.
A character becomes a hero by creaing acions that are the sum of two or more acions that
will successfully create a third acion. An example would be a special key that could give a
super jump, bringing together the normal jump over a pirouete with a perfect fall. Do you
know what I'm talking about?
Making the environment come alive
We can play a game with no sound, but it is crucial to close certain circles of acion.
For example, the shot of a pistol is not the same without a sound, the car races do not have
the same emoion if we do not hear the roar of the engines, and if our main character does
not emit any sound when you break something, when it sets aside a tree branch, or jumps
from a great height, something seems amiss. Logic bricks have a rather simple enough
soluion, let's see it.
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