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We have a very clear idea of our character, but the specifics may be an area
of concern. We need to be clear about the specifics from the beginning if we
want to improve our game with minor changes. You will agree when I say that
it is not the same as seeing your character fall or perform a roll on the floor if
it collides with any object. It is the same with the process of walking, siing,
bending, and so on. All of these possibiliies are small changes in our character,
but it makes it extremely important to bring our game to life.
In this chapter we will see how to:
Animate the character
Make the environment come alive
Animate your enemies
Make your own game
So let's get started.
Animate the character
Having a list of all of the acions we need for our character will help us later to create some
animaions, including connecing all of them to seem even more luid. If your character
walks, runs, stands, sits, or skips, any of these things must be in tune with the last move we
have on display. We can create some small animaions for them that summarize the most
commonly used opions.
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