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Pop quiz - moving to another level
Perhaps this chapter is a bit repeiive, but each topic has a speciic role with bricks that was
worth exploring.
1. Which type of Edit Object actuator needs to delete an object in your scene?
a. Replace Mesh
b. Add Object
c. End Object
2. To make some variables in the game, you must include which of the following?
a. A game property
b. A sensor property
c. A property actuator
3. To send and receive messages, you will need which of the following?
a. Message Sensor
b. Receive Actuator
c. Both
We have already reached the end of the chapter. Let's review everything we've seen.
We have learned to switch between the characters within the game. It can also be applied to
modify any object within the level. We have seen that through collisions, we can create a life
bar that increases or decreases according to the player's decisions. Also, we have seen that
certain properies of the object can count and number certain acions before passing the
level. It is a good method to test the reflexes of the player.
We picked up a lesson covered in Chapter 3 , First Level , and we're done with the secret
of maps, and adding more than one scene of the game at the moment. We can finally
find some points of view cameras, as well as change the gameplay.
Finally, we have taken the game to another level, discovering how to automate certain
acions of the player, as simple as shooing or throwing missiles.
It's now ime to move on to the next chapter, where we will meet again.
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