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What just happened?
Layers allow you to store the objects that somehow are not required in the main scene,
at least not all of the ime, as the main character is . To do this, we have placed a child
object as a harpoon into a second layer with a constant speed of acion.
We have called the object of the second layer from the main layer, thanks to the Empty
objects located in the scene. This resource may be used as many imes as necessary. The most
illustraive example of all is to understand the use of an Empty object as the ammuniion.
Have a go hero - making the shooter
A good exercise would be to modify the Keyboard sensor by ightening a buton, so that
you can shoot as much as you want. Remember, you can modify the properies of the object
and make any shot look more realisic. Adding a blur efect can be interesing, and looking
through the opions of the 2D Filter actuator may surprise you more than once.
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