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Thanks to the easy use of logic bricks with keys 1, 2, and 3, we have connected the keyboard
numbers to each of the cameras located on our stage. In order for the camera to follow the
player, we have seen how the object connects and that selecing this is possible.
Have a go hero - not the only point of view
The cameras have a paricular purpose, disposing them of at all imes is not a good use
of resources for the game. Therefore, you should not always have the same camera for
all of the levels.
If your game was a race car, it would obviously need the camera for the mirror, right?
Use the technique learned here to improve situaions. You need to use new posiions
of the cameras to increase the gameplay. If your game is about a war, would you not
need a camera that uses a sniper effect?
There are always interesing views. Remember, we have not touched the camera seings,
and you can always change their properies so that each one has more diferences, and are
not only the point of view.
Moving to another layer
Imagine that our level of play has a lot of objects around, and we do not want to fill the main
stage with them. A good pracice would be to think that it is beter to remove the objects
that are not required, so as to not have any unnecessary performance in the same scene.
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