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Selecing the player to perform a collision and changing the numeric value
Showing or hiding the counters on receiving a message of collision of the player
Selecing the player to send a message to the icons with logic bricks
Checking if the icons are complete, and changing the level of the game
We performed a simple test object reducion, although the steps are the same for more life,
other weapons, and of course, the coins of Mario Bros!
Have a go hero - making the difference
Once we have understood that the message is necessary to send values and determine the
calculaion to show or hide icon bars, you can consistently achieve an advanced level of
counters. If you get a full blue counter, for example, then you can get a green one, making
you bigger, stronger, or something else. Many strategy games are based only on these icons,
and should have them under control. These icons should not fill the screen. When the screen
is full, it creates inconvenience by afecing the visibility for the player. The icons must match
the type of game and should minimize distracions.
A very common pracice is to perform a double life bar. If our character obtains an armor or
shield, you could use a second life bar to extend the character's ability to fight. Try it! It is
very interesing.
Maybe your type of game is not collecing items. However, you can translate the way you do
it if you want to make a imer, a save point, or save stats for the player on his corner of the
coniguraion screen.
Creating a map of the level we play
A game is not complete if we cannot show the map of the level we're playing in.
In Chapter 3 , The First Level , we menioned that the map design was the most
important part. Now is ime to learn it.
Time for action - overlaying something like a map
This technique is applicable to maps and anything that we want to be superimposed on our
screen as a Heads-up Display (HUD) . Imagine a whale hunter as a sniper: if we press an S
key that implies we have superimposed crosshairs. We will see the scene with a crosshair in
the middle as a hunter with his weapon. In the same way, if we press the M key, we should
see an overlaid map in the scene. Let's try it first.
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