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6. If there are no iceberg icons in the game, we can change the scene to the next level.
Add Property as the value for Sensor , add And as the value for Controller , and add
Scene as the value for Actuator . Choose the next scene that you created.
We again linked two connecions with one sensor and controller brick. The Message actuator
is the same one that was created in the last step, changing the values shown to you in the
image before. Create a new Actuator called scene , but make a new one in the 3D view
before choosing them in Logic Bricks. It is necessary to have another scene before we make
the bricks.
What just happened?
Collecing objects is a common pracice at all levels of play. To show how it is progressing,
everything is set, to send and receive messages to the variables we created, so that each
object has its properies. This is how we have done it:
Making an icon object to show on the screen
Creaing a game property in our player to count the icons with a numeric value
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