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Select the whale before adding icebergP object properies. Each collision
of the whale will remove an iceberg icon on the screen.
3. We need an answer when the whale has a collision. In this case, we need two
answers at the same ime. We need to change the value of Property to icebergP
when the collision occurs, and send a message to the iceberg icon to hide it.
For that, select Add Collision as the value for Sensor , Add And as the value for
Controller , and Property as the value for Actuator in Logic Editor . Fill in the blanks
of Actuator as shown in the following screenshot, selecing the Add opion in Mode ,
icebergP as a property to change, and -1 as Value to change:
All connecions that we need are not complete. Follow step 4 and then read
step 5 back-to-back and inish the necessary connecions of our player.
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