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Have a go hero - completing possibilities
The ability to make changes in the middle of the game is infinite. If we recognize that we can
choose to put different characters in one layer, and different weapons in the other, then can
you imagine the possible combinaions?
If you agree, there are many connecions, but these can be great, right? In fact, it is the basis
for all avatars to customize your own character. If you don't do these changes, the game does
it for you, while you advance in the levels.
Creating a life indicator bar
Surely, a game without your life bar would not be a game. One way or another, there is
always a life bar present in video games. It is a rule to be respected: no health bar, no
consequences (loss of life) is possible in an interacive game. Don't you believe in it? When
you test a game and you can't arrive to the inal, without any possibility to repeat the acion
instantly, the life bar has no sense. The life bar shows you how many imes you have another
opportunity. With this visual bar, you can improve your game and you will arrive to the end.
Is the game always a way to test you or to know if you are competent? Let's see a simple
demonstraion of how to create a life bar.
Time for action - decreasing life
Let's start by creaing a simple life bar (two bars). Remember that the life bar is green or
blue, and when you lose life the bar becomes red. Try to create a rectangle of the color you
want, create another similar rectangle a bit away in the same front axis, and change its color
to red.
1. Make a rectangle and duplicate it. Move to the z axis (press Z to snap it), and choose
the color for each one, just as shown in the following screenshot:
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