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Growing the character
We know that as the game progresses (which is your character leveling), it increases the
level's capabiliies, weapons, and awards. The most direct way, almost always, is to make
your character grow. How do we determine at what point we should start growing our
character? Let's examine this.
Time for action - counting
The counters are useful for geing some extra points, a score in the game, and certainly,
it keeps a track of objects. As an example, if we get three fish, we will grow larger in size.
The easiest way is to deal with the food. Let's have a look at how it will work.
We will post our whale and four icebergs. Each ime you pass one of them, you add a point.
When you get four points earned, you can change the look.
Choose File | Append , and select the whale. Press Link and Append from the
Library buton to add to the scene. Follow the the same step to add the four
icebergs, as shown in the following screenshot:
If you see the Append opion turned of, be sure that you are not in Edit Mode .
In 3D View , change to Object Mode or press the Ta b buton to turn on some of
the items in the drop-down list.
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