Game Development Reference
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The part of a game that is less creaive is controlled, at all imes, to show
the reacions of our character when it interacts with the surrounding world.
It is oten seen in games that form a simple interacion, for example, ater a
bullet hit, the character suffers a decline in its life indicator bar. Also, if we get
food, weapons, or coins, depending on how the game is designed, there are
indicators to show that these objects have been collected or achieved. In some
games, a character can move to the other areas in the same level, and this form
of interacion is necessary to show it! Or depending on the level of diiculty
that we are in, we may want to change our character's viewpoint to understand
beter the labyrinth we are in.
In this chapter, we will discuss the following essenials:
Growing the character
Creaing a life indicator bar
Creaing a counter of items collected
Creaing a map of the level we play
Changing camera views
Moving to another level
So, let's go in steps.
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