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3. Natural moion : It is impossible to understand a world without gravity. Although
this was a virtual world, the objects are reacing when there are collision. This is a
point where it leads us to experimentaion. The physics Blender engine may leave
us amazed.
4. Making waves : Finally, we have proved that we can cheat physics with a bit of
animaion and with a very special trick, moving normal maps of our water. We
don't use paricle simulaion for water. This trick is ideal to make litle the not big
calculaions of the game engine. Some changes in values for the same material can
drasically change the results and convert water to mercury or lava.
In this chapter, we have learned to pracice how objects react to the virtual world. In the next
chapter, we will see how this affects the interface of the game. This covers how we can apply a
level of health to our character, which level of control we need to go to, or how much money
we have, and of course, if we need to change characters. Fascinaing, right? Let's try it!
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