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What just happened?
Well, I think this last one is a high-level of learning, although it was necessary to understand
how to make realisic water-rendering engine. If it does not look realisic once you have
checked out the results, make sure that you have not left out any of the steps performed
previously. What we have done here is we have used the normal map, or texture, of a plane
to move the texture without needing to move the plane. This is useful and minimizes the
number of calculaions in the game engine.
To be able to move normal maps, use an empty object to animate itself. After that, the
normal maps need to be anchored to the empty objects, and this will enable the normal
maps to move.
To create the waves, we have two empty objects to give more realism, since the water
always seems to have more than one direcion, but maybe it is not necessary.
Have a go hero - making it look real
In this case, it is easy to improve the animaion. Water and luids, in general, have always
been a challenge for computer calculaion.
Try to make a seabed and see how it changes the look of the textures in translucent water.
You can increase the number of waves, as there are always different ways of seeing the sea,
and of course, changing the color of the ocean, because in reality, it is constantly changing!
Perhaps this chapter is the most difficult one, but you've almost reached the meridian of
learning about the game engine in Blender.
Virtually everything that happens in a game has to do with what we have explained
in this chapter, and it is especially related to the global virtual world simulaion.
Remember these steps:
1. Restaring the posiion : In every game, there is always a restart, either because
you have not achieved the goal or because you have found something unexpected.
This feature is essenial for any type of game.
2. Opening and closing the door : Yes, we know, there are no doors in the Arcic,
although they are extremely useful to divert the course of our character. With the
Near funcion, we have seen that this is possible. With a litle pracice, you will ind
it much more useful with a single funcion.
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