Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Select the Lifeime module in Area 2 so that its properies show up in Area 3 . In
that module, change Max to 3.0 and Min to 2.5 . This controls the maximum ime
a paricle lives before disappearing again. Click on the next module—which is Iniial
Size —and set Max X , Y , and Z to 256.0 each and Min X , Y , and Z to 224 each. This
will give the paricle a random size ranging between 224 and 256 . Feel free to use
any other kind of number too, of course, so that the difference in size is not big
enough for you.
9. After that, select the module Iniial Velocity , and set Max X and Y to 8 each, and Z
to 160 . Set Min X and Y to -8 each, and Z to 128 .
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