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6. In newer versions of the engine, the properies displayed in the previous screenshot
have moved to the secions Spawn and Required instead. Next, open the secion
RequiredModule right below the Material input ield and modify the following
bUseLocalSpace : Enable bUseLocalSpace . This will enable the paricle to
move around more easily, and it adds the possibility of rotaing it with the
regular rotaion tool.
bUseMaxDrawCount : Enable bUseMaxDrawCount . This will cap the
maximum number of paricles at the MaxDrawCount number, instead
of keep spawning paricles that are dependent on the height of the
SpawnRate number.
MaxDrawCount : Set MaxDrawCount to 50 . This will limit the maximum
number of paricle sprites.
SpawnRate Constant : Set SpawnRate Constant to 5.000000 . This controls
the number of paricles spawned every second.
7. Leave all other seings as the default seings for the ime being.
If the paricle only shows up in wireframe view, don't panic. It may be
normal behavior because of the VertexColor node in the Material editor,
and will be resolved later.
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