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In-Depth Information
Area 1 : This is the preview window and will preview the paricle efect.
Area 2 : This is the list of diferent paricle emiters and all of the modules
that each emiter contains. A Paricle System can contain muliple paricle
emiters. It is possible to have a water-drip efect and a water-splash efect
in the same Paricle System , much like what was possible in UE3. Right now
this space is sill black because there are no paricle emiters yet.
Area 3 : This is the property secion , and will display the properies of
whichever emiter or module is selected.
Area 4 : This is the curve editor , which is used to make smooth transiions
from one value to another.
4. The top toolbar also has two butons of interest. The wireframe buton A and the
background color buton B. The reason why I menion those two butons is because
it can be very hard to see certain paricles, (the smaller ones, especially), in the
viewport, and it often appears as if there's nothing at all. Switching to a wireframe
view might help to reveal where the paricles are and how large they are. All other
butons are not too relevant right now.
Time for action - add a new particle emitter
Add a new Paricle Emiter by right-clicking anywhere in Area 2 and clicking on the
only opion given ( New ParicleSpriteEmiter ). You now have a very basic paricle.
Now, you obviously want to modify the default set up. To do so, you can click on
any of the modules, such as Lifeime or Iniial Size . If you need more than the
default seings, you can right-click anywhere in the column and you will get a list of
addiional modules that you can add.
What just happened?
So now we know what paricle emiters are and that they are used for adding depth and
character to our map. We also know how they can be created using the paricle editor. So
what's the next step? Let's go ahead and start by creaing a smoke efect.
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