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Battling the Elements
This is a basic chapter on how the efects work using Unreal Engine 3's paricle
editor (cascade). It will quickly walk you through the interface of the editor and
explain how a basic smoke paricle, water, height, and fog can be set up.
In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:
The basics
Add a new paricle emiter
The smoke example
Adding height fog
Creaing the surface
Water volumes
Let's Go!
To start with, we are going to look into the basics of cascade paricles. The paricle system
in UDK is drasically diferent to its original UE2 variant. Paricles now have a brand-new and
extensive paricle editor, and are saved as assets in a package, instead of actors in a level or a
U ile.
The ability to save a paricle as an asset in a package is great, since all levels can now refer to
the same paricle, and if the paricle has to be adjusted, it will only have to be done once.
The new paricle system is module-based. You add blocks of stuff, , if you want to extend a
paricle. Each module contains new features and properies. We will get back to that a bit later.
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