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So we know that vertex lighing comes as standard when using lightmaps to direct light
of staic meshes, but the shadow can leave odd shapes. By using something called bake
lighing, we can adjust the shadow surface properies, so that it completely covers the staic
mesh when light hits it, making it far more realisic. The most important thing when being a
level-designer is atenion to detail.
Have a go hero - creating lightmaps for custom static meshes
If you create your own environment props, you may want to add lightmaps to them. The best
way to do this is to create the UVs in your 3D package (Max or Maya), but we can also auto-
generate lightmap UVs inside unreal. Let's see how to do this. Create a sphere in your 3D
package and import it. Double-click the mesh to open-up the Staic Mesh Editor . Go to View
| UV Overlay , and you'll see the default set of UVs. To create the second UV set, go to Mesh
| Generate Unique UVs . Change the UV Channel… parameter to 1 and hit OK . Now, change
the LightMapCoordinateIndex to 1 , and you'll see the result of the auto-UV generaion.
Pop quiz
What are the four diferent types of lighing used in UDK?
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