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So we know if we adjust lightmaps on CSG surfaces using the surface properies, speciically
changing the Lightmap Resoluion seings, we can adjust shadows to make them look more
realisic when light hits the mesh. The next stage would be to shine the light of
staic meshes.
Have a go hero - reduce lightmap resolution on surfaces
If you are up for a challenge, try to opimize BSP surfaces. Set the resoluion to 65536 ,
and uncheck Accepts Lights , Accepts Dynamic Lights , and Force Lightmap . Also apply the
material RemoveSurfaceMaterial from the EngineMaterials package.
Time for action - lightmaps on static meshes
Baking lighing on staic meshes is a litle more versaile than on CSG geo. By default, all
staic meshes use vertex lighing—instead of baking into an image, light values get baked
into the verices that make up the geometry, and lighing is blended across the surface.
1. In my map, there's a kind of a weird hard shadow near the top of the fire hydrant.
If I overlay the wireframe on the image (Photo-shopped for clarity), you can see that
the shadow falls right along one of the mesh's edges. That's efecively the result
you get from vertex lighing.
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