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3. A seing of 32.0 means that there'll be one lightmap pixel every 32 units. If we
want more detail (and we do!), we can make that number smaller. Set it to 4 and
bake again. You'll noice that the bake takes much longer, but you've got a much
more obvious shadow from the ire hydrant. If you try seing the resoluion to 1 , it
may take over a minute to bake, but the results look even beter.
4. Go back to the generic browser and ind your map. You'll noice that some new
lightmap textures have been created (and the old ones may sill be hanging around
too—UDK will clean those up later). If you look closely at your lightmap, you can see
one big square with a shadow of the ire hydrant on it, and ive iny blurry squares.
That adds up to the six sides of your room.
5. And that's about it. If you need more detail, set the Lightmap Resoluion to a lower
value, but keep in mind your bake imes will sufer.
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