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If you bake lighing, you'll see a big blurry shadow on the wall. That's the efect of
having a low-detailed lightmap.
What just happened?
So we know what lightmaps are and how they can be assigned to staic meshes to create
a blurry shadow efect when light is beamed of the staic mesh, but it doesn't look very
realisic. So let's go ahead and look at adjusing the lightmap by going into the surface
properies of the mesh.
Time for action - adjusting lightmaps on CSG surfaces
1. Go back into Lit mode and select the wall that has the blurry shadow on it. Open up
the Surface Properies window by going to View | Surface Properies or by hiing
F5 .
2. We've covered most of these seings in an earlier tutorial, but let's look at the
Lighing secion, speciically the Lightmap Resoluion parameter.
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