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Now switch back to the main editor window and click the Lighing Only buton in
your perspecive viewport. The checkerboard goes away and you're let with just the
lighing. But noice that it's a litle blotchy. This is because there's not a lot of detail
in the lightmap. Ater all, those images in the generic browser were prety small.
4. Ok, maybe it's not that obvious. It'll be much clearer if we put a staic mesh in the
world that casts a shadow on the wall. In the HU_Deco3 package, there's a fire
hydrant prop (named S_HU_Deco_SM_FireHydrant01 ). Place that in the world
between your light and the wall. It's a prety small prop, so scale it larger, at least 4 x
sizes .
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