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So we know about the diferent variaions of lighing used in UDK. Point lights are used to
light up a room, spotlights focus their light on a certain area of your map, and direcional
lighing is like a sun and is used to light up large parts of your map. Skylights focus more on
ambient lighing than world lighing. Let's look into lighing up a room with these diferent
variaions of lighing.
Time for action - lightmaps
1. When you bake lighing on your scene, the lighing data gets stored into one or
more images called lightmaps. Open up an exising scene that's a simple CSG room
with a light in it, as shown in the following screenshot:
Save your scene (call it DM-LightmapTest.udk ) and bake lighing. Now look in
your generic browser, and you'll see a package named DM-LightmapTest . If you
select it, you'll see four texture images in it. These are the lightmaps that got baked
for your cube. I won't go into why there are four of them—the reasons are technical
and they won't affect your work. If you create a bigger level, the lightmaps will be
bigger because they cover more surface area.
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