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Immediately the scene gets much brighter except for the ceiling, which is
unafected. The light is brightening up every surface based on the angle relaive
to up . So the loor gets a lot of light, walls get a medium amount of light, and the
ceiling gets no light. We can adjust the brightness and color of this light, and in fact
we can add in bounce light that afects the ceiling as well. Open up the properies
for your skylight now, and play with the seings. There are only two new ones you
haven't seen yet.
LowerBrightness : The brightness of the under light (default to 0 )
LowerColor : The color of the under light
Adjust the skylight's properies so that the color from above is bright red, and the
color from below is bright blue or vice-versa (with a bright enough LowerBrightness
so that it's visible).
Ok, that's prety hideous, but noice how the red and the blue are combining to
make a purple color on the walls. It should be especially obvious if you delete your
point light.
2. One last thing—the icon for that skylight is very small, and it's likely to get lost in a
large level. In the properies, under the Display category, change the DrawScale to
10.000000 . It's much easier to ind now.
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