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Directional lights
As I menioned earlier, a direcional light is like the sun. So what's going to happen if I place
one in this room? After all, there are no windows.
1. Place a direcional light now in the same way you paced a spot light—select it under
the Actor Classes browser.
It doesn't really seem to be afecing the scene, except for a weird shimmering efect
on the walls. And if you bake lighing or rotate the light, the shimmering goes away.
2. Even though the icon for the light is inside the room, the light is only afecing the
outside of the level. Much like the sun, the walls of the rooms are casing a shadow
on the interior of the rooms. So a direcional light is really only useful in an outdoor
scene. And even then, you have to turn off Cast Shadows on any SkyDome object
you've placed. Rotate the light slightly so that it's not facing straight down.
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