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Point lights
Area lights : Dim, filling a corridor with bounce light
Highlights : Small radius, probably near the spotlight meshes
Bounce lights : If a bright light hits the floor, it will bounce up and light-up the walls
and ceiling a litle too
Spotlights : A cone of light projecing from a spotlight mesh
Fill lights : Blue light pouring in between the arches, hiing mostly the loor
Bounce lights : Similar to point lights, but a litle more control
You may want to add some addiional ambient light to the scene using a skylight.
Time for action - different types of light
So let's start going into more detail with the diferent types of lighing used in UDK, staring
with point lights.
Point lights
Placing a point light is easy—right-click on a surface and choose Add Actor | Add
Light (Point) or just hold down the l key (for light) and click on a surface. A point
light will appear. Go into Lit mode, press F4 to bring up the light's properies, and
then open up the Light category and the LightComponent subcategory.
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