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What just happened?
So we have now tested our map with bots and have an idea of what our map will play like
with these two rooms and a hallway.
Have a go hero - content browser
So we know how to add a player start, but what else can we add to our level. Open up the
content browser and see if you can add weapons, power ups, and special abiliies to
your map.
Have a go hero - bot navigation
We can add bots to our level by using the console bar, but as the bots have no navigaion
around your map, why not try to add bot pathing? This is reasonably simple but can get
tricky, so make sure that you have alot of ime and paience to get it right.
Pop quiz
What viewport coniguraion did we use when seing up our map?
1. 2x2 Split
2. 2x1 Split
3. 1x1 Horizontal Split
4. 1x1 Verical Split
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