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What just happened?
So our map has a litle character to it. Let's now test our map, add some bots, and get an
idea of what our map will play like.
Have a go hero - adding more elements to your level
So we know how to add a player start, but what else can we add to our level? Open up the
content browser and see if you can add weapons, power ups, and special abiliies to
your map.
Time for action - test map and add bots
I'll cover this in much more depth later, but it would be fun at this point to add some bots to
the level. Make sure your map name starts with DM- and save your work. In the editor, click
the Build All buton to the right of Build Lighing .
Save your game and run it. Open up the console by pressing Ta b , and type addbots 1 . A bot
should appear, and you can kill it.
To add more bots, add more player start nodes, rebuild all, run the level, and type addbots
[number] in the console. Have fun with it. Try adding some addiional rooms, and make a
more interesing layout. See if you can make ramps to rooms at diferent heights, or raised
plaforms inside the room.
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