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Save your work. To run the level, click on the Play in Editor buton in the top-right corner of
the window, it looks like a litle joysick.
What just happened?
So we have added some light to our room. Let's now go ahead and create a hallway along
with a second room.
Have a go hero - advanced lighting
We know a litle bit about lighing up our room. Why not try to add more lights to your
room, give your room some color by playing around with the light properies, and strengthen
or weaken the light to suit the atmosphere of your room.
Time for action - creating a hallway and a second room
At this point, you should be able to create a second room and a hallway without any more
guidance, but I'll take this opportunity to show a few more tricks. Save your work, and then
save it as a new file, DM-CSGTest04.udk .
We'll create the second room first, and then the hallway.
Instead of building the second room from scratch, let's select the first room and everything
in it, and then clone it over. In one of the 2D views, ctrl+alt+ drag a selecion box around the
enire room. We want the player start and the light too, which will be useful later.
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