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The last thing we need to do before we run is to Bake Lighing . Right now the light is
calculated dynamically, which is expensive and unnecessary. If we bake it, it calculates
texture maps for any light and shadows in the scene, which is much cheaper. Click on the
Build Lighing tool that is right next to Build Geometry . The default seings in the Opions
window are fine, so hit OK .
Baking should go prety fast since this is a really simple scene. But for a inished level, it can
take up to an hour depending on your machine, the size of the level, and the complexity of
the lighing, of course. One last thing before we can play, Create a Player Start —which is the
same as adding a light. Right-click on the floor, then click Add Actor | Add PlayerStart . The
player start should appear at a proper height off the ground.
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