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You can select any vertex and move it around. You can also ctrl+ click to select
muliple verices, or ctrl+alt+ click + drag to make a selecion box.
ctrl+alt+ drag works for anything in unreal, not just geometry
ediing. You can ctrl+alt+ right click + drag to deselect.
Play with your shape some more and get a sense for how to do some serious
geometry ediing.
What just happened?
We know how to use the CSG tool to map out a rough outline of our first room. So let's begin
with building our first room.
Time for action - building our first room
Time to create our first room, something we can actually run around in. Save your work,
create a new file, and save it as DM-CSGTest03.udk .
We want our room to be big enough for the player to run around in. The builder brush is
256x256x256 by default, and the player is 88 units tall. That's going to feel a litle cramped,
so let's make our cube more like 1024x1024x512 units tall. What we're going to do is create
an addiive cube which is the size we want, and then hollow it out by using a slightly smaller
subtracive cube. Select the builder brush and make sure you're in the Geometry mode. Yes,
the geometry ediing tools work on the builder brush too.
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