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And yes, you could have also selected the #3 addiive brushes and clicked on Order | To
First , to get the same result.
What just happened?
So we know how to use the builder brush tool to create our first cube. Let's go ahead and
look at the geometry ediing mode tool.
Time for action - geometry editing tool
Let's face it; it would be tough to build a level solely out of cubes. Let's look at some more
advanced geometry ediing. But irst, save your work, create a new ile, and save it as DM-
CSGTest02.udk .
1. Create a new addiive brush, then click on the Geometry Mode buton at the top-
left corner of the window. This opens up the Geometry Tools dialog box. You can
close it again by clicking on the buton to the let, Camera Mode .
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