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What just happened?
So we know how to set up our irst level and how to select the addicive tool for our irst
atempt at designing our map. We know that it works best to save our level in the folder
provided by UDK, and not set up our own to confuse things. We also know how to arrange
and layout our viewport opions. Finally, we know how to select the Unlit icon because we
are creaing our irst map and there won't be any lighing just yet.
Why CSG?
We're going to use CSG geometry to rough out our level. It's the in-editor 3D modeling tool.
While you could rough out the level in a 3D applicaion such as Maya, Max, or even AutoCad,
CSG gives you an incredibly fast turnaround when you begin working out the gameplay
of your level. It's much easier than going back-and-forth between the different software
That said, CSG isn't good for anything very detailed. It's expensive, it's hard to work with,
and is prone to errors if the geometry gets too complicated. For this reason, it's great for
prototyping since you don't want to add much detail in the early stages. It's also suitable for
some simple geometry in the final level, as you can see in some of the epic's maps.
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