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Time for action - setup, where to save the file, what to name it
1. Go to File | New , a window will pop up asking what geometry style you want, select
Addiive . Not only is it more appropriate for most level designs, but also I've seen
some weird bugs with Subtracive mode in UDK.
2. Before we begin working, let's pick a name and save our file. For the purposes of
this test, we'll use DM-CSGTest01.udk . Unreal figures out what game type you're
making based on the map name. So by choosing DM-, we'll get a Deathmatch map,
and all of the associated gameplay that comes with it as default lead-out. Go to File
| Save . Unreal works best if you put your map in a specific folder, which you may
have to create as follows:
C:\UDK\UDK-VersionRelease\UDKGame\Content\Maps and name it DM-
CSGTest01.udk .
3. Let's also do some viewport coniguraion to make ediing easier. Click on View |
Viewport Coniguraion | 1x2 Split . This will put your perspecive view on the let
and your top, and side 2D views on the right.
Click on Unlit mode in your perspecive view. Since we're building a level from
scratch, there won't be any lights yet, so we need to be in Unlit mode to see what
we're doing.
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