Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Hello UDK
UDK basics covers the most essenial tools and funcions you need to know to
get started with UDK. You'll be able to quickly jump into UDK and begin feeling
comfortable using the most commonly used funcions.
In this chapter, we will learn the following:
Setup, where to save the file, what to name it
The builder brush and our first cube
Geometry ediing tool
Building our first room
Placing lights and a player start
Creaing a hallway and a second room
Applying materials to CSG surfaces
Test map and add bots
This is where the fun really starts. We will begin the irst stages of creaing our map by
creaing a small room, and then move onto adding features like lighing, materials, textures,
and staic meshes. This will be followed by adding a player start and tesing our map
with bots.
Your first map
You will build your first level using the unreal in-editor modeling system, Construcive Solid
Geometry ( CSG ), also referred to as BSP.
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